Maximising Performance: How Gel Packs Can Enhance Your Recovery Routine


Backaches, knee pains, etc., are probably among the worst feelings ever. With the rising number of people working on their computers, both in offices and at home, it is no surprise that backaches have become an inevitable phenomenon. These days, things like an abdominal belt or knee caps come in handy. An abdominal belt mainly helps in maintaining a specific posture to aid in recovery faster. 

So let’s see how gel packs can enhance your recovery routine.

What are Gel Packs Used for?

Gel Packs, as the name suggests are packs of gel of a thick viscosity that can either be used in therapy for rapid recovery from aches, surgeries and injuries.

Gel Packs are usually available in two types:

  • Hot Packs
  • Cold Packs

Hot packs:

These packs are usually heated in a microwave or boiled in hot water. Because of the gel insides, they can retain that heat and be used to relieve pain and aches of any kind, such as Stiff joints and sore muscles.

Cold Packs:

Cold packs or gel ice packs are activated by chucking them in refrigerator or freezer. The gel in these packs,apart from retaining heat, they also retain cold just as well. making it a good  source of relief from swelling, inflammation,  acute injuries, strains and sprains.

How Gel Packs Can Enhance Your Recovery Routine

Depending on the injury or source of discomfort, one may use a hot or cold gel pack. By using their heat and cold retaining abilities it can become a crucial addition to your recovery routine. One can use them in a number of ways.

If one has access to abdominal belts or knee caps, depending on the requirements, you can keep a gel ice pack or heated gel pack close to the area of discomfort to speed up the recovery process.

Placing and keeping a heating or gel ice pack pressed up against the area of discomfort is that the heat accelerates the healing process, thus leading to a much shorter recovery period. For a cold compress, it soothes alleviates pain and aches, numbing the area and thereby reducing the amount of pain one would experience in time of discomfort. Also cutting short the amount of recovery time.

Cold and hot compresses have always been a helpful solution to minor or acute pains for many years. Many have attempted this with rice or frozen peas. But surely nothing beats heated gel packs or gel ice packs.

Frozen aren’t the best at staying cold for too long. Also it’s pretty wasteful to use what you eat as hot or cold compress.

So to save food and act smart, it is a wise choice to prefer gel packs over anything else.


Heated or gel ice packs from Vissconext are a pretty nifty invention that comes in handy in most people’s lives. Using them to their full potential can be the key to reaching a state of physical well-being a lot faster than traditional forms of recovery.


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