How To Choose The Best Facial Sunscreen Cream

Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend in the battle against harmful UV rays. When it comes to your face, it is essential for you to choose the right sunscreen for protection and maintaining healthy skin. In this guide, you can learn everything about choosing the facial sunscreen cream (ครีม กันแดด ทา หน้า, which is the term in Thai).

Before you dive deep into the world of facials and screens, you need to understand your skin type. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, there is always a sunscreen formulation customized to your specific requirements. You need to understand your skin type to choose a product that protects and complements your skin.

Choose A Broad-Spectrum Protection

It would help if you chose a facial sunscreen cream that offers broad-spectrum protection, meaning it protects your skin from UV rays. UV rays contribute to premature aging. While UVB rays are responsible for sunburns, you need to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that ensures comprehensive coverage.

SPF, or sun protection factor, measures the effectiveness of your sunscreen and blocks UV rays. A higher SPF will indicate increased protection, while SPF 30 is generally considered sufficient for your daily use. If you are afraid or have sensitive skin, then you can go for SPF 50 or higher.

Always Look For Water-Resistant Formulas

If you anticipate sweating or swimming, then you need to choose a water-resistant facial sunscreen. This will ensure that the product remains effective even in conditions that might compromise the protection otherwise. Additionally, water-resistant sunscreens are perfect for your outdoor activities and extended sun exposure.

It would help if you considered the texture and finish of your sunscreen thoroughly. You must know that facial sunscreens are available in different types, like creams, lotions, and even tinted options. It would help if you chose a texture that feels comfortable on your skin and complements the preferred finish.

Incorporate Other Skin Care Requirements

If you are already using other skin care products, you need to ensure compatibility with your chosen facial subscript. Some sunscreens are specially designed to be applied over or under specific skin care items. You need to layer the products effectively, as this will ensure that they will work harmoniously to improve your skin health. If you have sensitive skin or fragrance allergies, then you need to go for a sunscreen that is labeled. This will reduce the risk of skin irritation or allergic connections. This can provide some protection without compromising your comfort.


It would help if you chose a facial sunscreen that perfectly integrates into your daily routine. Lightweight formulations are perfect for everyday use and allow you to apply makeup over the sunscreen if desired. Sunscreen that feels comfortable and does not interfere with your routine is perfect and can become a part of your skincare routine.

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