Enhance your healthy life with Soberlink device 

The soberlink alcohol testing equipment with a cellular phone, which transmits breath alcohol test results straight to a cloud-based website for examination by a probation department.

This technology makes the user more accountable. The frequency with which a user must test will be decided by the court and might be adjusted as needed.

In general, the user is going to verify two to four times per day and will receive automatic notifications via SMS when the tests are due. This alleviates the user’s concern over missing tests.

Soberlink module:

Physician Health Programmes (PHP) provide the greatest illustration of how monitoring may play a critical part in a successful recovery. PHPs, like comparable professional programmes, require participants to sign long-term monitoring agreements. PHPs address addiction as a long-term and chronic disease, achieving results that are regarded as the gold standard in Addiction Treatment. Its mobile testing technology improves the effectiveness of these programmes even further by removing the requirement for random urine tests to identify alcohol consumption. With the help of this article, you will learn more about reviews of soberlink.

The contract must expressly state that if a client’s gadget is lost or damaged, they are responsible for getting in touch with their administrator right once. If this isn’t done, it might be considered a failure and handled accordingly. In order for the client’s testing to continue without interruption, the administrator should deliver a replacement device as soon as feasible. An alternate should be provided if the customer is unable to visit the centre in person to receive a new device.

Soberlink Treatments Protocol Suggestions

It has developed a protocol based on the effective PHP model that may be useful for integrating monitoring with the device. There is no alternative for your clinical understanding of each of your customers, and this knowledge should always be incorporated when developing a suitable treatment plan for each client. Treatment strategies should also be considered as a live document that is updated as your customers’ needs change. Before utilising it for surveillance, it is advised that a comprehensive case consultation be undertaken.

Inpatient Programmes: The gadget would be utilised for individual on-site screening in this situation. Clients become acquainted with the equipment and testing methodology and establish a regular habit that should be carried over into their aftercare programme.

Aftercare Programmes: It refers to patients who are enrolled in one of the numerous types of aftercare or continuous care programmes. Due to the difficulties of maintaining detached feelings, we recommend that the monitor not be a loved one or family member.


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