Deep Eye Socket: Know Everything About The Issue

The eyes of humans are essential and delicate parts of our body. It decides the overall expression of a person. Deep eye sockets or deep-set eyes are the issues related to eyes where your eyes look sunken and dull. A hollow or deep eye socket (เบ้าตาลึก, which is the term in Thai) seems as if our eyes have gone back into the skull. It also impacts our eye health to a particular extent.

Additionally, the sunken eyes also impact the structure of our facial bones.

The Reason Behind The Deep-Eye Sockets

Deep-Eye Socket Is A Condition That May Occur Because Of Various Reasons.

One of the common reasons behind deep eye sockets is our natural facial bone structure. A prominent bow ridge and a more recessed eye area can create the appearance of deep eyes. Our genetics also equally contribute to our looks. If deep-set eyes run into the family, then it is natural that the individual will face the issue of sunken or deep eye sockets. Our age is another reason for the deep-set eyes. As age increases, the muscles near our eyes loosen, shrinking them.

Another common reason behind deep eye sockets is weak eye muscle or blephalotosis. It is a medical condition because the eye muscles lack the strength to open the eyelids. Severe facial injury or trauma to the eye area around the face can also lead to deep-socket eyes.

Solution For Deep Eye Sockets

We can effectively cure deep eye sockets with a trusted, reliable surgery professional. The surgery will help your eyes to look fuller. Fat grafting is also a suggested procedure for deep socket eyes. It is like liposuction therapy, where the fat from the donor tissue is taken and shifted to the area around the eyes. However, fat grafting has many limitations, and the patient should follow the instructions given by the surgeon. Fat grafting is not the only solution for deep eye sockets. Correcting correct eyes if the eyes are severely sunken; otherwise, your face may look uneven. Also, like any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection if you go for the fat grafting method of surgery for deep eye sockets. Also, the procedure results are uneven because your face may also change as it ages. All above that, if you are going for any surgical procedure for sunken eyes, you should consult an expert and experienced specialist for desired and exceptional results.

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