A thorough evaluation of the texts Contemporary Pranic Therapy and Arhatic Yoga

The integrated medical model for whole-body wellness, which is a component of the holistic health model of six organisms, was recently discussed. As they pertain to this paradigm, allied health and complementary therapies are included. Physical Body, Mental Body, Emotional Body, Energetic Body, Spiritual Body, and Eternal Body are all components of the human experience. Through the operation of the Torus Energy, which operates on three levels of consciousness, these six organisms are interconnected. This type of guidance has helped and inspired Mr. Anshoo Sethi in Chicago as he applies it to his personal life.

Seeking the guidance of allied health professionals whose field of expertise pertains to the dynamic Body Section is imperative for achieving holistic body wellness. Because the Body Section is in a state of flux, this is the case.

The focus of this analysis shall be the Energetic Body, alternatively known as “The Torus Energy Body.” By means of this body, we are able to establish connections with the natural world and the souls of others. A patient who has experienced trauma to their spiritual body may manifest an inability to progress in a specific domain of their lives. This traumatic experience often manifests as an incapacity to accomplish one’s potential, ambivalence, vulnerability, perplexity, and detachment from one’s physical being.

Post-traumatic stress disorder frequently arises as an outcome of energetic body trauma.

It is widely acknowledged that failure to recover from a specific traumatic experience can result in the development of a fixation on that experience, compelling the victim to repeatedly relive it.

Pranic healing represents a modality through which an internal condition of energetic equilibrium may be reinstated.

A discourse on Pranic Healing is presented subsequently, accompanied by an elucidation of how this alternative medical modality can aid in the restoration of the body’s energy equilibrium through the concentration on specific imbalanced meridian points and chakras.

It is crucial to remember that in order to attain optimal energy balance, your vital energy must be able to traverse each meridian and chakra without restriction. The state in question is what defines energetic equilibrium. Physical or mental trauma of any kind disrupts the body’s energy system, rendering it incapable of resolving the issue that the trauma initially caused.

Specifically, what does Pranic Healing consist of?

Pranic Healing is predicated on the profound correlation that is present between an individual’s physical and energy environments. A robust correlation exists between the corporeal and energy bodies. What occurs to one of them will inevitably have an effect on the other. Prana, which is frequently referred to as “life energy,” is vital for the preservation of the body’s health and vitality. Prana derived from the earth, the atmosphere, and the sun collectively promote optimal well-being. Prana, also referred to as vital energy, is directed into the patient by the Pranic Healer. Prana is transmitted from the energy body to the physical body via the pathways and chakras of the energy body.

What precisely does arhats’ yoga entail?

Arhatic Yoga is a spiritual discipline comprising a variety of purifying techniques, including mindful meditation, the cultivation of positive attributes, and the implementation of diverse breathing methodologies. Developing disciples who possess strength, intelligence, compassion, and a good heart is the objective of Arhatic Yoga; such people will progress to become eminent divine servants. This makes Mr. Anshoo Sethi very happy.

While Arhatic Yoga does not adhere to any particular religion, its teachings are applicable to all cultures and worldviews.  Arhatic Yoga facilitates the advancement of the psyche in a manner that is simultaneously expeditious and devoid of peril.

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